…Are You Ready For It?

Hi! I’m Alynn, and I’m…wait for it…a librarian! I spend my days surrounded by books, and my nights reading them. There’s nothing I enjoy more than opening the pages of a brand new book and setting off on a new adventure.

I love reading and writing so much, I have a BA in English, and I’m currently working on my Master’s. I’ve learned so much about the craft from my studies and my own experiences, and I’d love nothing more than to share that with others like me.

In my opinion, a good book isn’t just about the characters and the plot: the narrative structure as a whole should be taken into consideration (figurative language, dialogue, setting, syntax, etc.), which is one of the reasons why I wanted to start this blog. I’m not your typical book reviewer, and I hope to stay that way.

If you love reading just as much as I do, then I hope you’ll stay awhile. Grab a cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate, and let’s go on an adventure!

I may not be an explorer, or an adventurer, or a treasure seeker, or a gunfighter, but I am proud of what I am. I am a librarian — Evie O’Connell


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