I Def(ine) You, Stars.

Romeo may have wanted to defy the stars, but I’d like to define them—star ratings that is. I’d also like to discuss my method for starting a new book, and the whole review process, before I delve into my books reviews.

First and foremost, I like to give every book a chance to hook me, regardless of whether or not I think I’ll enjoy the story. You never know when you’ll find a diamond in rough, which is why I give any and all books to chapter five to suck me in. If they don’t, then I jump ship (there have been instances where I’ve gone to chapter ten if I feel a story is almost there).

As far as star ratings go, I base my stars off of how much I enjoyed the novel, and how well-written it is. I know some readers base their ratings off of enjoyment alone, but I believe all parts of the narrative structure should be taken into consideration when doing a proper review. After all, you could hate a book, but the writing could still be good.


With that being said, I’ll give a book five stars based on two factors: good writing and storytelling. It’s not often I come across a book I love that is also well-written, so five stars is a pretty big deal.


A four star rating occurs when I enjoy the book, but there are some flaws in the writing.


For three stars, everything is right in the middle: the writing and the book are okay. Was I able to finish the book? Yes. Did I think it could’ve been better? Yes.


Two stars: writing isn’t that great. Story isn’t that great. Have to push through chapters.


One star: awful all around. Ready to give up before I even reach chapter five.

***These are not set in stone of course, and they will fluctuate at times***

How do you rate your books? Let me know!

I defy you, stars! -Romeo


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