Reading Goals for 2020

We’re just gonna pretend that it’s still the end of January and not February 1st.

Hello, all!

Yes. I am still here, and I am trying my hardest to get some reading in that doesn’t involve writing a paper afterwards. The last few months of 2019 were honestly so chaotic. All my reading plans for the rest of the year went out the window as my courses have become harder and more time consuming.

I definitely didn’t accomplish what I had set out to read in 2019, which is okay. Goals and resolutions aren’t set in stone; they’re meant to change as life steps in and takes you on another path.

I really wanted to read more Adult fiction and less YA, but I underestimated how many amazing releases were coming out last year and couldn’t resist. I did read a lot more Adult fiction than usual, though, which is a good sign. I made progress!

If you’d like to see the rest of my reading goals for 2019, feel free to go here

For 2020, my reading goals are simple: I want to read all the books I didn’t get to last year and catch up on all the book reviews that still need to be written haha. A daunting task, I know—but when I say I’m going to do something, I mean it, even if it means it might take some time getting there.

2020 is the year for catching up. What’s 2020 going to be like for you?

Also, what’s one book you didn’t get to last year that you’re dying to read this year?


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