Reading Goals for 2019

Another year gone.

It’s 2019, and I’m ready for it!

This new year brings with it the return to grad school (AND THERE WAS MUCH REJOICING….yay).

And, of course, living the librarian life and doing librarian things like reading and such.

I don’t normally set reading goals for myself—I like to go with the flow—but I felt that this year, I’d take my reading more seriously and get out of my comfort zone.

Fun fact about me: I like to read YA novels.

I have no idea why, since I’m technically not a young adult anymore (I’m in the “New Adult” territory), and I actually prefer classic literary fiction above all else, but for whatever reason, I keep coming back to this genre.

I read so much YA, I’m practically known as the Young Adult librarian. If anyone asks for YA recommendations, they bring them to me.

I want to change that.

I want to read books from all genres, whether they’re adult or YA, or whatever. I’d like to give all books the “five-chapter chance,” and see if I can find any diamonds in the rough.

This is my reading goal for 2019. I don’t care about the amount of books I read this year, as long as it’s not all YA. My plan is to finish the Young Adult books I already have on request at the library, and that’s it. I’m not going to read anymore books from that genre until I’ve picked up some adult.

My other goal for 2019 is finishing the Great American Read challenge I set for myself last year (if you haven’t read that post, you can find it here). I’m going to check off all those books on my list before the end of this year. I can’t wait!

If any of you would like to join me, or if you have recommendations, feel free to comment below. I’d love to go on some new adventures.

Let’s get started!


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